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    Minecraft Realms
    A private world, always online for you and your friends!
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    Minecraft Realms
    Creating a world and invite your friends

Minecraft Realms

The Internet can be a wild place - but with Minecraft Realms, only people you invite can join your world, making it the best way to play with friends! You and up to 10 friends can play together - and there is no limit on the invitations. There is no nicer to play with your friends!
Our simple to use Activity Monitor allows the owner to Minecraft Realms to see who played and when. And do not worry if a friend has accidentally flooded your city in your absence! It's easy to restore a kingdom to a previous state.

What you do on your server is yours! Create unique universe, castles or cities in the colossal sky; gather resources to survive the night or dig deep to find treasures to help you on your adventure. It's your world, so you are the boss.
Living an adventure! Minecraft Realms includes a growing number of custom maps and mini-games created by our community and approved by us. Their implementation is super simple, but survive the adventure could be a little trickier.

Once your friends are on your approved list, they can access the world at any time of day, whether you are online or not. Minecraft Realms is the simplest way to play Minecraft with your friends: just create a kingdom, prompting organizations
Challenge your friends! Although Minecraft is a game where the basic principle is mainly to play together as a happy team, some players enjoy competition and challenges. With our selection of mini-games you can compete against other players and prove your strength and superiority.

Only the owner of a kingdom must pay - their friends can get in for free! Some game platforms offer a price and discount levels if you set up a recurring subscription, or purchase several months at a time. Select your platform for more info!
Minecraft Realms for PC and Mac gives you more control over your world and how you play. Start now on a whole new world, upload an existing card, or get inspired by one of our custom home spawns. Minecraft Realms for PC and Mac also includes a wide selection of minigames that you can play at will.

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms are servers managed by us, for you and your friends. Keep your world Minecraft online and always accessible, even when you log off. It's safe, too! Only people you invite can join your world and what you do, it is up to you: create, or survive competition!
The official function of Minecraft Realms allows you to play with friends on the same world! If you like creative, survival, exploration or even mini-games, Minecraft Realms will seduce you thanks to stable servers provided by Mojang

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What is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a service that allows to play Minecraft with other players on a dedicated server in accordance with these Conditions. A "Minecraft Realms" means a kingdom, a server or an instance of Minecraft hosted by Mojang. You can use Minecraft Realms through your own Minecraft Realms ("Your Minecraft Realms ") or Minecraft Realms of a third party allows it ( "Minecraft Realms third Party"). The "use of Minecraft Realms", may mean using your Minecraft Realm or Minecraft Realms Third.

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Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows 10



Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Wii U



IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Gear VR



Why are there two versions of Minecraft Realms?

We have developed different versions of Minecraft for the game works well on different platforms. Pocket / Windows 10 Edition runs on a type code, and the PC / Mac version runs on another. These two versions are not compatible with each other and are developed separately with different characteristics. Players on PC / Mac can not play on Pocket / Windows 10 Realms and vice versa.

How much is a Minecraft Realms subscription?

Minecraft Realms has slightly different pricing plans for various platforms. It costs € 3.99 per month for a server supporting up to three simultaneous players (including the owner) on Pocket / Windows 10 Edition. It is 7.99 € for a server supporting up to 11 simultaneous players. The version PC / Mac starts at € 7.19 for a server supporting up to 11 players. You get the best deal if you have configured a recurring subscription or purchase several months at a time. Windows 10 does not allow recurring subscriptions.

Can I download my map on Minecraft Realms?

Yes, you can upload your own maps for Realms for PC / Mac. We currently support the worlds up to 1 GB in size. It's really great, in case you were wondering. Pocket / Windows 10 edition does not yet support this feature.

Can I see which of my guests has accessed my kingdom?

PC / Mac, Minecraft Realms has an activity monitor that shows when the players were on your kingdom. Minecraft Realms Pocket Edition / Windows 10 does not support this, but you can see in the game itself as the players you have invited via Xbox Live.

Which editions of Minecraft Realms supports?

Realms is currently available for PC versions / Mac and Minecraft Pocket / Windows 10 Edition.

Can I play on the kingdoms across different devices?

Yes! Players are divided between PC / Mac and Pocket / Windows 10 editions, however. So all those who play on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 or speed VR can play together, but the players of the PC / Mac version can not play with each other.

Can I use the administrative commands?

The owner of a PC / Mac Realm will have access to most existing orders. Realms Pocket Edition / Windows 10 does not support admin commands yet.

Do Realms supports modding?

Not for the moment. Sorry! But the PC / Mac version supports a growing number of minigames and custom maps made by the community.

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