Minecraft already bought the game

minecraft already bought the game

Mojang stated that the users of Minecraft already bought the game and should enjoy the FULLGAME. So stating that servers cannot control what a player already have, mainly on factions server where people will have really big gap between unranked and ranked. I have searched a lot! I bought Minecraft on a different computer, but now when I try to download it, I can't find a version that I do not have to pay again! I can prove I have Minecraft with the Mojang Staff, anyway, LONG STORY SHORT, Do I have to buy Minecraft again??!?!?!?! Minecraft pour Windows 10 Edition. Minecraft pour Windows 10 propose un jeu multiplateforme avec tout appareil qui prend en charge Minecraft (à l’exception de Minecraft : Java Edition) Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. I launched minecraft windows 10 edition and for some reason it says I need to buy the game and that I'm on a trial even though I've had it for a while and I bought the java edition well before they released Win10 editon, so I got the game for free.